The Whispered Ah- a practical lesson in how to improve your voice use

Saturday, October 14th 11am-noon on zoom- $10

F.M Alexander was known as “the breathing man” and was often called to help singers and actors with vocal issues that could have prevented them from going on stage.  The Whispered Ah was a tool he used to help singers and actors  improve their vocal function and restore the ease and expression needed for a meaningful performance.

In this workshop, we will look at the anatomy of the tongue, jaw and mouth, mapping it onto our own bodies.  We will learn how the Whispered Ah works and explore the many ways it can be varied to make new exercises.  By discovering more freedom and ease in the tongue, we will examine how that freedom affects the whole body and gives us more choice in our attempts to communicate with meaning and expression.

Come and see how the Whispered Ah can help you to unlock more freedom in your voice and your whole body!

No pre-requisites for this class.  Everyone is welcome!  (Register by submitting the form below and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you.)

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