"Music is the language of the heart without words" - Shinichi Suzuki

Welcome to my studio for the study of music, movement and mindfulness!  Children and parents, beginners and professional musicians, actors and dancers, anyone who wants to explore sound and movement is welcome!  Come and explore how your mind-body connection can facilitate greater clarity of expression.

My teaching is shaped by the principles of the Suzuki Method and the Alexander Technique.  In my studio, children's musical talent is developed through song, games, community and a loving supportive environment.  All children are welcome and parents are encouraged to participate as well.

Private music lessons are available in violin, viola, voice and music theory for children and adults.  Suzuki group classes are also offered.  The group classes are primarily geared towards children but adults are always welcome to participate!

Alexander Technique lessons are also available.  Whether you are looking to refine your technique as a professional musician, manage or alleviate playing-related pain or increase the range of your singing voice Alexander Technique can help!  Come and explore ways to find more balance and ease of expression in your playing.  Please read the section on Alexander Technique above to find out more.

Heather Gardner received her Bachelor of Music from the Eastman School of Music where she studied violin, viola and voice. She earned her Masters of Music from Rutgers University in voice performance and she is also an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and teacher of the Suzuki Method.  Heather has extensive orchestral and choral, chamber and solo experience as a professional musician, and is comfortable in a variety of genres and historical periods. All types of people and musics are welcome in her studio and parents are encouraged to come and participate as well!

If you are interested in finding out more about lessons or taking a sample lesson for free, click here.