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What is the Alexander Technique?

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The Alexander Technique is a way to develop awareness of your mind-body connection and work on how you use yourself to do the things you do.  This can be as simple as sitting at a desk, walking down the street or doing the dishes.  We also work on refining how we play our instruments, use our voices or move on the stage.  How we use our bodies effects the results of our actions and with more awareness and refinement we can have a greater palette of expression and freedom from the pain that using our bodies in an un-balanced way can cause.

How can studying Alexander Technique help me?

Studying the Alexander Technique will help you to find a more balanced mind and body.  By examining your habitual patterns of moving and thinking you can learn to refine them and create new ways to move, think and express yourself.

Many people come to the Alexander Technique because they are in pain.  While AT teachers are not doctors, bringing your body more into balance and finding more ease and flow can help to alleviate pain and many people have used their study of AT to eliminate physical pain.

Is Alexander Technique only for musicians and performers?

No!  While F.M. Alexander created this technique out of a need to help his voice use and acting, the method can be applied to all kinds of people and situations.  We all use our bodies, voices and minds to do our jobs, raise our kids and express ourselves.  By tapping into an easier, more balanced mind-body connection you will find new ways of doing all the things that you do!

What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson?

Alexander lessons do not have to follow a specific form, but generally they have two main parts- chair work and table work.  Chair work is where we practice how we move, often using sitting and standing as a starting point.  The teacher will usually put their hands on, guiding the student to find ease and connection in the body as it moves.  During the table part of the lesson, the student lies on their back and the teacher will put their hands on them and gently move their legs, arms and head to find ease and support on the table.

Interested in lessons?  Click here to sign up for a free sample Alexander Technique Lesson.

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